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8.1.2: History

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    Providing a thorough history of air transport is out of the scope of this book. On the contrary, we will focus on briefly stating some relevant periods and associated milestones for the development of air transport. These periods include: Pioneer Period (with the first flight by Wright Brothers), the Interwar’s Periods (with the first airlines and the first north Atlantic Crossing), the Post War period (with the foundation of ICAO), the Jet Period (with the first Jet Aircraft), the Liberalization Period (with the de-regulation act in the United States), the Modern Aircraft Period (with the A320 as the first fly-by-wire aircraft and A350 and B787 including more and more composite materials), the Crisis Period (driving an model change, including low cost and mergings), and the Green transportation Period (a new period that seems to be starting, including more efficient engines and biofuels). Please, refer to Table 8.1 and Figures 8.1-8.3.

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    Figure 8.1: Air transport History: Pioneer and Interwar's Periods.

    截屏2022-02-27 下午12.25.50.png
    Figure 8.2: Air transport History: PostWar and Jet periods.

    截屏2022-02-27 下午12.27.19.png
    Figure 8.3: Air Transport: Liberalization and economic mature.

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