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9.4.3: Aircraft characteristics related to airport planning

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    Every single aircraft type must provide a document named aircraft characteristics related to airport planning to the authorities pertaining a set of data related to airport planning and aircraft operations. This document provides, in a standardized format, airplane characteristics data for general airport planning and operations. Data include airplane characteristics and performances, ground maneuvering, terminal servicing, operating conditions, and pavement data. Within aircraft performance, take-off/landing distances are provided for different altitudes and temperatures. A typical document would include:

    • Airplane description;
    • Airplane performance;
    • Ground maneuvering;
    • Terminal servicing;
    • Jet engine wake and noise data;
    • Pavement data;
    • Scaled drawings.

    The reader is referred to check the document for different aircraft types (notice that the documents are public). For instance, Boeing provides access to all its aircraft’s airport planning documents through Boeing’s aircraft characteristics related to airport planning.6 Please, refer to Exercise 1.5 and Exercise 1.6 as illustrative instances.


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