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10.6.1: Coordination of slots

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    The process of coordination of slots essentially consists of meeting the demand of flights and airport capacity A slot is the administrative authorisation received by an airline company to make use of time window for take-off in a particular airport. This process is based on (European) Regulation CEE 93/95 and the recommendations of IATA.

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    Figure 10.17: Process of coordination of slots.

    The coordination activities are carried out (at international level) in two seasons independently: summer season (March to October); and winter season (October to March). Figure 10.17 presents a timeline sketch of the different activities in the process of coordination of slots. These activities are: first, initial assignation of slots (based on historical analysis and petitions for the actual season); second, an assignation in the IATA conference; third, the post-conference coordination (assignation, re-assignation, cancelation, modification, etc.), which takes place since 2 months before starting the season; fourth, the coordination of slots during the season.

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