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13.3.2: Part I- Flight Planning

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    You are in charge of preparing the most efficient route for a flight between LEMD (Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas) and LEBL (Barcelona). Assume your aircraft type is an B737-800 and your requested flight level (RFL) will be always above FL245 (upper airspace). Assume also your flight is RNAV. Flight is with Estimated Off-Block Date (EOBD) YYYYMMDD and Estimated Off-Block Time (EOBT) HHMMZ.

    I.1. Establish a route between the given airports. You must notice that routes start at the end of a SID and end at the beginning of a STAR. The route will be composed by Waypoints/Navaids joined by Airways. En route chart should be consulted in the AIP at En-Aire AIP10. Note the reader that Route Availability Document (RAD) and the ATFM regulations should be consulted to find the route. However for the sake of simplification, we can consider fully route availability (in other words, no RAD nor ATFM regulations apply for this exercise).

    I.2. Assume that the flight plan should include also SID and STAR. Select the appropriate SID and STAR, assuming that the operative runways heads will be: LEMD RWY 14R (south configuration); LEBL RWY 07R (east configuration) according to current wind conditions.11

    I.3. Choose a precision (ILS based) approximation chart.

    I.5. Establish a required flight level and a cruising speed.

    I.6. Fill in a Flight Plan international Form. Note that for many fields there is no information in the exercise statement. Fill them at your discretion. Check for instance the following document for some information IVAO Flight Plan Doc.12


    11. Notice that a METAR should be given in a real scenario.


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