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13.3.3: Part II- Nest analysis

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    II.1 Select the latest available AIRAC cycle, analyse different flights (at different days) flying between LEMD and LEBL. Choose one of those flights between LEMD and LEBL and:

    II.1.1 Indicate the EOBT, EOBT, COBT, CTOT, AOBT, ATOT. What is the difference between them? Could you find one flight (with the same or a different city pair) with different ETOT and CTOT. What is the reason behind this difference?

    II.1.2 Indicate Route length and requested flight level for you flight LEMD to LEBL.

    II.1.3 Analyze its horizontal profile throughout the Flight Route Viewer. The analysis should include the Waypoints and ATC sector the aircraft overflies, together with times (overfly/entry) and altitudes. A table is required.
    II.1.4 Analyze its vertical profile throughout the 4D vertical profile Viewer. Compare Initial/Regulated/Actual vertical profile. Include plots.

    II.2 Now, it is time to analyse the ACCs/Traffic Volumes in which your flight flies. For the sake of simplicity, focus on ATC Sector Teruel (LECM TER):

    II.2.1 Analyze (include plot and discuss) the sector daily entry counts.

    II.2.2 Analyze (include plot and discuss) the occupancy counts.

    II.2.3 Analyze (include plot and discuss) the AIRAC summary.

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