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13.3.4: Proposed solution

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    Hereby, an schematic solution for the Flight Plan is proposed:

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.24.17.png
    Figure 13.8: SID-14R: PINAR2B.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.26.48.png
    Figure 13.9: En-Route Chart.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.28.06.png
    Figure 13.10: STAR.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.29.28.png
    Figure 13.11: Precision Approach.

    • The selected route is depicted within different Navigation Charts, including SID (PINAR2B), En-ROUTE, STAR (CASPE 1U), and Precision Approach. See Figure 13.8, Figure 13.9, Figure 13.10, Figure 13.11. Charts were accessed at AIP En-AIRE.
    • Requested Flight Level could be, for instance, FL300; and Cruising Speed M078.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.32.03.png
    Figure 13.12: Flight Plan Form (FAA Form 7233-4)

    • A Flight Plan Form has been (partially) filled in and is presented in Figure 13.12. Please, check for instance the document referred in the statement for a deeper understanding. In particular, try to figure out what is the equipment of the aircraft (e.g., S refers to standard equipment such as VHF, VOR ILS; D refers to DME equipment; etc.)

    Similarly, an schematic solution for the NEST analysis is given below:

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.35.40.png
    Figure 13.13: Nest: Madrid (LEMD) - Barcelona (LEBL) flights

    • Figure 13.13 includes top and lateral view of all flights between Madrid (LEMD) and Barcelona (LEBL) in a day.
    • For a finer analysis, we choose Flight IBE2770 (AIRAC 1602) on February 21 2016: EOBT was 07:10 and ETOT was 07:24; COBT and CTOT were identical to the estimated ones (in other words, no ATFM delay was enforced); AOBT was 07:08 and ATOT was 07:24 (in other words, ATC authorised Off-Block 2 minutes earlier than expected, however take-off took place exactly when expected). A difference between estimated and calculated would imply an ATFM delay. This is typically associated to a regulation (one can find flights falling in this category by simply filtering). Please, refer to Figure 13.7.c.
    • Aircraft was an A333, RFL was FL300, and total route length was 300,90 NM.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.36.35.png
    Figure 13.14: IBE 2770 analysis: Route Description.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.38.13.png
    Figure 13.15: IBE 2770 analysis: Vertical profile.

    Route Description and Vertical Profile are presented in Figure 13.14 and Figure 13.15, respectively. Waypoints, Sectors, Altitudes, and Overflying times can be checked. Additionally, a comparison between the planned flight and the actually flown flight can be checked.

    截屏2022-03-15 下午9.40.39.png
    Figure B.16: LECMTER Sector Analysis.

    Figure B.16 includes an analysis over SECTOR TERUEL (LECMTER). The analysis includes entry counts and occupancies.

    13.3.4: Proposed solution is shared under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Manuel Soler Arnedo via source content that was edited to conform to the style and standards of the LibreTexts platform; a detailed edit history is available upon request.

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