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6.4: Assignments

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  • 6.4 Assignments

    To Read

    Please read Lynd, L. R., P. J. Weimer, W. H. Van Zyl, and I. S. Pretorius. "Microbial Cellulose Utilization: Fundamentals and Biotechnology." Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 66.3 (2002): 511-15. This can be accessed via the Library Resources. You will need to use the information from this selection to complete Homework #2.

    Homework #2

    Download and complete Homework #2. It contains questions that pertain to the Lesson 6 course material. When you are finished, upload your completed assignment to the Homework #2 Dropbox. Use the following naming convention for your assignment: your user ID_HW2 (i.e., ceb7_HW2).

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