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8.6: Assignments

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    8.6 Assignments

    Final Project Outline Assignment

    Biomass Choice: Choose biomass to focus paper on.

    This week, I am asking you to begin your biomass project. You will do a 1-2 page write-up, stating the information listed below. It can be an outline at this point but needs to have enough information so I can see what your project will be about and to see that you have begun to work on it.

    1. Biomass Choice. Reminder - do not make choices that already exist in the marketplace. This includes sugar cane used to make ethanol in Brazil or corn used to make ethanol in the midwest of the USA.
    2. Literature review on the biomass (at this point, this should consist of a list of resources that you have consulted - APA style, please!)
    3. Requirements for location
      • Climate (i.e., tropical, subtropical, moderate,…)
      • Land area required or another type of facility to grow
    4. Method of Production
    5. Product markets around location
    6. Economic Evidence
    7. Other factors (environmental, political, tax issues, etc.)

    Some notes on format:

    • Approximate length – 2 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font, name at the top.
    • The outline should include elements listed above.
    • Use as filename your user ID_Outline (i.e., ceb7_Outline).
    • Upload it to the Outline Dropbox.

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