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10.6: Assignments

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    10.6 Assignments

    Final Project Rough Draft

    Please submit a rough draft of your final project by the specified due date in Canvas. To review, your project should include the following elements:


    The report should be 8-12 pages in length. This includes figures and tables. It should be in 12-point font with 1” margins. You can use line spacing from 1-2. It is to be written in English, with proper grammar and as free from typographical errors as possible. You will lose points if your English writing is poor.

    The following format should be followed:

    • Cover Page – Title, Name, Course Info
    • Introduction
    • Body of Paper:
      • Biomass choice
      • Literature review on the biomass (APA style, please!)
      • Requirements for location
        • Climate (i.e., tropical, subtropical, moderate,…)
        • Land area required or other type of facility to grow
      • Method of production
      • Product markets around location
      • Economic evidence
      • Other factors (environmental, political, tax issues, etc.)
    • Summary and Conclusions
    • References

    Use as filename your user ID_Draft (i.e., ceb7_Draft)

    Upload it to the Rough Draft Dropbox.

    (20 points)

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