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14.1: Resilience, Adaptive Capacity, and Vulnerability (RACV)- Agrobiodiversity and Seed Systems

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  • In this module, we consider resilience, adaptive capacity, and vulnerability (RACV) of food systems through the lens of agrobiodiversity and seed systems. We will build on the awareness of human-natural system interactions that was explored in module 10.2. In this module, we examine the way that shocks and perturbations affect human systems and the ways in which human systems have found to cope with these shocks that produce resilience within food systems. You will learn about agrobiodiversity at a crop and varietal level as an important case of adaptive capacity that provides resilience to shocks for food systems within different types of food systems (e.g. smallholder, globalized). You will apply this learning to examining RACV in a case study from the southwestern United States.

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