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14.2.4: Summative Assessment- Anatomy of a Somali Famine (2010-2012)

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    Download the worksheet and follow the detailed instructions provided.

    Anatomy of a Famine: multifactorial failures of adaptive capacity to climate and social shocks.

    This worksheet relies heavily on the data resources presented by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit – Somalia and the Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS Net).

    This worksheet uses maps, tables, and graphs to guide you in analyzing a tragic famine in Somalia between 2010 and 2012 as a case of adaptive capacity and vulnerability (see Module 9.2 for the definition of a famine). As many as 260,000 people died in this famine, half of them children under five years old (optional: see Somalia famine 'killed 260,000 people', May 2, 2013). You should read carefully through the case study presented in the worksheet (download above) and answer the question in each section, e.g. “Question A1” and the two summary questions at the end.

    Submitting Your Assignment

    Upload the completed the Module 11 Summative Assessment in Canvas.

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