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8.3: Action Item

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    1. Consider Methane (Pc = 666 psia, Tc = – 117 F) and Ethane (Pc = 706 psia, Tc = – 90 F) stored in two different vessels at the following conditions:
    Methane Vessel P = 1332 psia T = 55 F
    Ethane Vessel P = 1412 psia T = 95 F

    Using the Standing-Katz Z-factor plot, determine the compressibility factor of both substances. Any observation? Are those values different? Describe the situation for both gases. If their Z-factors are the same, does it mean that both gases have the same density? What does it mean?

    Contributors and Attributions

    • Prof. Michael Adewumi (The Pennsylvania State University). Some or all of the content of this module was taken from Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' OER Initiative.