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19: Properties of Natural Gas and Condensates II

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  • Module Goal: To highlight the important properties used to characterize natural gas and condensate systems.

    Module Objective: To present the most popular models for estimating properties of natural gas and condensate systems.

    • 19.1: Heat Capacities
    • 19.2: Joule-Thomson Coefficient
      Whether or not a gas cools upon expansion or compression — that is, when subjected to pressure changes — depends on the value of its Joule–Thomson coefficient. This is not only important for natural gas pipeline flow, but also for the recovery of condensate from wet natural gases.
    • 19.3: Viscosity
      Whether you are interested in flow in pipes or in porous media, one of the most important transport properties is viscosity. Fluid viscosity is a measure of its internal resistance to flow. The most commonly used unit of viscosity is the centi-poise.
    • 19.4: Action Item