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12.2.1: Solution of Mach Angle

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  • Oblique shock, if orientated to a coordinate perpendicular and parallel shock plane is like a normal shock. Thus, the relationship between the properties can be determined by using the normal components or by utilizing the normal shock table developed earlier. One has to be careful to use the normal components of the Mach numbers. The stagnation temperature contains the total velocity. Again, the normal shock is a one–dimensional problem, thus, only one parameter is required (to solve the problem). Oblique shock is a two–dimensional problem and two properties must be provided so a solution can be found. Probably, the most useful properties are upstream Mach number, \(M_1\) and the deflection angle, which create a somewhat complicated mathematical procedure, and this will be discussed later. Other combinations of properties provide a relatively simple mathematical treatment, and the solutions of selected pairs and selected relationships will be presented.

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