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Acknowledgements and Dedication

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    The cover image shows buttons designed by Juxtaposition Arts teaching artists and apprentices.

    Many people helped create this resource. Thanks to Kristi Jensen, who guided and encouraged me through the entire process of open source online publishing and put lots (and lots) of time and energy into the final product. Thanks to friends and colleagues who provided feedback, support, and editing, including: Valentine Cadieux, Carrie Christensen, DeAnna Cummings, Roger Cummings, Vince deBritto, Diane Brown, Diane Dodge, Adrienne Doyle, Gail Dubrow, Joe Favour, Tom Fisher, Cindy Garcia, Tia Simone Gardner, Melvin Giles, Pat Hemmis, Clint Hewitt, Kate Hopper, Janaya Martin, Neeraj Mehta, Kathy Mouachepao, Kristen Murray, Megan Phinney, Lynda Schneekloth, Roozbeh Shirazi, Robert Shibley, Amanda Smoot, Billy Weber, and Craig Wilkins. Thanks to the Department of Landscape Architecture, College of Design, University of Minnesota; the University of Minnesota Libraries; and the Bush Foundation for their support of the project at different times in its development. And thanks to research assistants Ali Boese, Leslie Johnson, Rachel McNamara, Haily Schmitz, and Linda Spohr.


    This book is dedicated to the memory of Kris Nelson who helped found ReMix in 2005 and is deeply missed. Kris’s and DeAnna Cummings’s 2011 article on art, design, and equity has been a touchstone for many of the chapters.

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