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12.1: Java Graphics2D Examples

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    There are a few examples in Section 2.4 and Section 2.5 that use Java’s 2D graphics API. In the web site download, the source code for these examples can be found in the folder named java2d inside the source folder. Each example is a single file that can be compiled to produce an application; no additional Java files are needed.

    • — shows a simple animated scene, with a moving cart and rotating windmills, that uses hierarchical modeling. In this version of the program, the hierarchy is implemented procedurally, using subroutines to draw the objects in the scene.
    • — shows the same scene as the previous example, but this time implemented using a scene graph data structure. The scene graph is implemented using static nested classes in the main class.
    • and draw simple static and animated scenes, respectively, and are meant to be used as a framework for experimenting with Java graphics. is a similar framework for working with mouse and key events in a graphics program.
    • draws a polygon that can be filled with either a gradient or a texture image, and lets you adjust their properties. This is just a demo of Java paints. The image files QueenOfHearts.png and TinySmiley.png are part of this program and must be in the same location as the compiled Java class files when the program is run.
    • is a demo that manipulates colors of individual pixels in a BufferedImage. The user can draw a simple picture or load an image from a file. A “Smudge” tool smears out pixel colors, and filters modify the image by performing averaging operations on the pixel colors in the image.

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