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12.4: OpenGL 1.1 Examples

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    OpenGL 1.1 is the topic of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Examples in those chapters primarily use the C API for OpenGL. However, the Java API, JOGL, is also discussed. Most program examples are available in both the C and the Java APIs. The JOGL versions can be found in the directory named jogl inside the source directory. The C versions, which use the GLUT library to create and manage OpenGL windows, can be found in the directory named glut inside source. (Many of these programs use a “camera” API defined in jogl/ for Java and in glut/camera.c and glut/camera.h for C.)

    The OpenGL demos in the book are written using glsim.js, a JavaScript library that implements a small subset of the C API for OpenGL 1.1. Information about glsim can be found in glsim/glsim-doc.html. Some of the program examples are available in HTML versions that use the glsim library. They can be found in the glsim directory inside source.

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