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6.4: Iterating through the DOM

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  • To make your life easier, I provide a class called WikiNodeIterable that lets you iterate through the nodes in a DOM tree. Here’s an example that shows how to use it:

    Elements paragraphs ="p");
    Element firstPara = paragraphs.get(0);
    Iterable<Node> iter = new WikiNodeIterable(firstPara);
    for (Node node: iter) {
        if (node instanceof TextNode) {

    This example picks up where the previous one leaves off. It selects the first paragraph in paragraphs and then creates a WikiNodeIterable, which implements Iterable<Node>. WikiNodeIterable performs a “depth-first search”, which produces the nodes in the order they would appear on the page.

    In this example, we print a Node only if it is a TextNode and ignore other types of Node, specifically the Element objects that represent tags. The result is the plain text of the HTML paragraph without any markup. The output is:

    Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent,class-based, object-oriented,[13] and specifically designed ...