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01-C.20: Help! Where can I find help in Linux?

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    Where is Help?

    As always, documentation is a necessity with any complex project. Documentation is meant to help Linux users, no matter their responsibility or experience level, to perform a variety of activities and resolve the diversity of issues that will arise. There is not a single, authoritative source of Linux system documentation. Documentation can be found across multiple sources that appear in multiple forms, each one suited to a particular context.

    • Linux manual pages
    • Help commands that are part of the software
    • Online Linux documentation projects
    • Question and answer websites
    • Online forums and social media
    • Books and other print resources
    • Usenet newsgroups
    • Internet mailing lists

    This video discusses the use of Linux manual pages, shortened to man pages, which are a great source of assistance in addition to the fact that they are readily available on most Linux systems. It is up the whoever installs the operating system whether they install the man pages. 


    This page titled 01-C.20: Help! Where can I find help in Linux? is shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Patrick McClanahan.

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