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4.36: Drawing the Entire Board

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  • def drawBoard(board, revealed):
        # Draws all of the boxes in their covered or revealed state.
        for boxx in range(BOARDWIDTH):
            for boxy in range(BOARDHEIGHT):
                left, top = leftTopCoordsOfBox(boxx, boxy)
                if not revealed[boxx][boxy]:
                    # Draw a covered box.
                    pygame.draw.rect(DISPLAYSURF, BOXCOLOR, (left, top, BOXSIZE, BOXSIZE))
                    # Draw the (revealed) icon.
                    shape, color = getShapeAndColor(board, boxx, boxy)
                    drawIcon(shape, color, boxx, boxy)

    The drawBoard() function makes a call to drawIcon() for each of the boxes on the board. The nested for loops on lines 3 [236] and 4 [237] will loop through every possible X and Y coordinate for the boxes, and will either draw the icon at that location or draw a white square instead (to represent a covered up box).

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