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1.6: SqueakMap

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    SqueakMap is a web-based catalog of “packages” — applications and libraries — that you can download to your image. The packages are hosted in many different places in the world and maintained by many different people. Some of them may only work with a specific version of Squeak.

    \(\bigstar\) Open Worldopen...SqueakMap package loader.

    You will need an Internet connection for this to work. After some time, the SqueakMap loader window should appear (Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\)). On the left side is a very long list of packages. The field in the top-left corner is a search pane that can be used to find what you want in the list. Type “Sokoban” in the search pane and hit the return key. Clicking on the right-pointing triangle by the name of a package reveals a list of available versions. When a package or a version is selected, information about it appears in the right- hand pane. Navigate to the latest version of Sokoban. With the mouse in the list pane, use the yellow-button menu to install the selected package. (If Squeak complains that it is not sure this version of the game will work in your image, just say “yes” and go ahead.) Notice that once a package has been installed, it is marked with an asterisk in the list in the SqueakMap package loader.

    Using SqueakMap to install the Sokoban game.
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Using SqueakMap to install the Sokoban game.

    \(\bigstar\) After installing this package, start up Sokoban by evaluating SokobanMorph random openInWorld in a workspace.

    The bottom-left pane in the SqueakMap package loader provides various ways to filter the list of packages. You can choose to see only those packages that are compatible with a particular version of Squeak, or only games, and so on.

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