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18.6: Add, remove, shuffle and sort

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  • To deal cards, we would like a method that removes a card from the deck and returns it. The list method pop provides a convenient way to do that:

    #inside class Deck:
        def pop_card(self):

    Since pop removes the last card in the list, we are dealing from the bottom of the deck.

    To add a card, we can use the list method append:

    #inside class Deck:
        def add_card(self, card):

    A method like this that uses another method without doing much work is sometimes called a veneer. The metaphor comes from woodworking, where a veneer is a thin layer of good quality wood glued to the surface of a cheaper piece of wood to improve the appearance.

    In this case add_card is a “thin” method that expresses a list operation in terms appropriate for decks. It improves the appearance, or interface, of the implementation.

    As another example, we can write a Deck method named shuffle using the function shuffle from the random module:

    # inside class Deck:
        def shuffle(self):

    Don’t forget to import random.

    As an exercise, write a Deck method named sort that uses the list method sort to sort the cards in a Deck. sort uses the __lt__ method we defined to determine the order.

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