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2.6: Summary

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  • The purpose of this chapter was to help the reader understand how to create and run simple programs with I/O in MIPS assembly using the MARS IDE. However even a simple "Hello World" program has complexities when written in assembly language, and this chapter attempted to give at least a casual explanation of these. Covered in this chapter were the following concepts:

    • How to comment a MIPS program.
    • Registers and memory in MIPS computers.
    • Assembler directives such as .text, .data, .asciiz, .space, and .word.
    • Labels in MIPS assembly.
    • MIPS assembly operators, such as li, la, lw, and move.
    • System services for interacting with the user console, in particular services 1, 4, 5, and 8.
    • The difference between references and values of data.
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