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4.5: Machine Code for the sll Instruction

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  • This section will translate the following SLL instruction to machine code.

    sll $t0, $t1, 10

    The MIPS Greensheet specifies the sll instruction as an R-format instruction and the op- code/function for the sll as 0/00. This means the 6 bits for the op code are 000000 and the 6 bits for the function are 000000.

    Register rd is $t0 is also register $8, or 01000.

    Register rs is not used.

    Register rt is $t1 is also register $9, or 01001.

    The shamt is 10, or 0x01010.

    The Result is the following R-format instruction.

    Figure 4-7: Machine code for sll $t0, $t1, 10

    Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 8.05.35 PM.png

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