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7.1: Use of Goto Statements

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  • Many readers of this text will quickly recognize the main mechanism for program control in assembly, the branch statement, as simply a goto statement. These readers have often been told since they started programming that goto statements are evil, and should never be used. The reasoning behind this rule is seldom explained, and an almost religious adherence has developed to the principal that goto statements are always suspect and should never be used. Like most unexamined principals, this simply misses the larger point and is incorrect except for limited and defined circumstances.

    The problem with goto statements is that they allow unrestricted branching to any point in a program. Indeed this type of unrestricted branching lead to many obfuscated programs before structured computing. However with the advent of structured programming languages, the use of the term spaghetti code has even gone out of the normal programmer's vernacular. But it was never the use of goto statements that lead to obfuscated programs, it was programmers penchants for doing the expedient, resulting in unorganized programs. The unrestricted goto statement never was the problem, it simply was the mechanism that allowed the programmers to create problems.

    In assembly language, the only method of program control is through the $pc, and most often using branch statements. The branch statements themselves will not lead to unorganized programs, but the unorganized thoughts of the programmers. So this chapter will not teach how to reason about assembly language programs. All programs will be first structured in pseudo code, and then translated into assembly language. Readers who follow the methodology presented in this text will never encounter an unrestricted goto. All branch statements will be explicitly defined, and all branches will be within blocks of code, just as in structured programming languages. So the branch statements in this text are not evil, and the idea that somehow branching is wrong needs to be modified in the readers mind.

    Note that there is also a practical reason why branching is used here. There is no other available mechanism to use to implement program control structures such as branches and loops. So regardless of the readers qualms about this topic, the reality of the situation is that branch statements are the only valid mechanism to implement programs in assembly langauge.

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