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6.8: Vocabulary

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    An “integrated development environment” that includes tools for editing, compiling, and debugging programs.
    The “Java Development Kit” that contains the compiler, Javadoc, and other tools.
    The “Java Virtual Machine” that interprets the compiled byte code.
    text editor:
    A program that edits plain text files, the format used by most programming languages.
    A “Java Archive”, which is essentially a ZIP file containing classes and other resources.
    command-line interface:
    A means of interacting with the computer by issuing commands in the form of successive lines of text.
    redirection operator:
    A command-line feature that substitutes and/or System.out with a plain text file.
    A command-line feature that allows you to specify a pattern of filenames using the * character.
    A tool that allows you to run one statement at a time and see the contents of variables.
    A line of code where the debugger will pause a running program.
    call stack:
    The history of method calls and where to resume execution after each method returns.
    unit test:
    Code that exercises a single method of a program, testing for correctness and/or efficiency.

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