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10.10: Glossary

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  • GUI:
    A graphical user interface.
    One of the elements that makes up a GUI, including buttons, menus, text entry fields, etc.
    A value that controls the appearance or function of a widget.
    keyword argument:
    An argument that indicates the parameter name as part of the function call.
    A function associated with a widget that is called when the user performs an action.
    bound method:
    A method associated with a particular instance.
    event-driven programming:
    A style of programming in which the flow of execution is determined by user actions.
    A user action, like a mouse click or key press, that causes a GUI to respond.
    event loop:
    An infinite loop that waits for user actions and responds.
    A graphical element on a Canvas widget.
    bounding box:
    A rectangle that encloses a set of items, usually specified by two opposing corners.
    To arrange and display the elements of a GUI.
    geometry manager:
    A system for packing widgets.
    An association between a widget, an event, and an event handler. The event handler is called when the event occurs in the widget.
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