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26.1: Foundation Topics Group 1-5

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    Exams vary depending on your instructor. Many will use the following:


    Self-grading questions including true/false, multiple choice, short answer, etc.


    The materials in this textbook/collection have covered these items at the end of every chapter within the Practice module for that chapter. We suggest the following test preparation strategies:

    If your professor is testing the definitions and expecting you to have them memorized, you should review the “Using the Flash Card Activity” within the “Study Habits that Build the Brain” module within the Appendix materials. Practice writing your definitions using the Flash Card Activity in the Memory Building Activities (MBAs) available within the Practice modules or in the Memory Building Activities within this Review module.

    Do a quick review of any exercises within the Connexions modules or the Practice modules. Also review quizzes or exams that you have taken and pay special attention to making sure you understand why you missed a question.

    If your professor has indicated that they might include a few of the problems presented within the Practice modules, make sure you have formulated a good answer for each problem. If authorized, collaborate with other students to improve your answers to the problems. Spend a moderate amount of time reviewing each problem with its answer before the exam.

    Memory Building Activities

    Link to: MBA Review: Foundation Topics Group: 1-5

    Miscellaneous Items

    Link to: Manipulation of Data Part 1

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