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4.2: Boolean Logic and Binary Values

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  • Now that we have a basic circuit to light an LED, we can start to implement Boolean logic in our circuits. Boolean logic represents all data by two values, which is why it is sometimes called binary logic. Often these two binary values are represented by the value true (t) or false (f). However this is just one way to represent these values, and while it is the one mathematicians use, it is often not convenient. For example, when we are talking about circuits we often want to say if the switch is on (t) or off (f). We will know if the switch is on because it produces a high voltage (t) or a low voltage (f). Finally, these circuits can be used to represent binary numbers, and in this case the values 1 (t) and 0 (f) are greatly preferred. Depending on the context, each of these representations of binary values will be used at different times in this text. However, realize that they are just different ways to represent the same information, and it is just convenience that will dictate which is used.

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