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15.6: Questions

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  • 1. Are the basic transistor parameters borne out in this exercise? That is, are the approximations of \(V_{BE}\) = 0.7 and \(I_C = I_E\) valid?

    2. Is the typical beta value of 150 highly accurate and repeatable?

    3. Which circuit parameters are affected by beta changes? Which parameters appear to be immune to changes in beta?

    4. Comparing Tables 15.5.1 and 15.5.2, is there a notable pattern between the deviations for beta and collector current? Why/why not?

    5. In the circuit of Figure 15.3.1, what must \(R_B\) be set to if \(V_{BB}\) = 5V and the desired base current is 10 \(\mu\)A?

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