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10: Sampling and Reconstruction

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    • 10.1: Signal Sampling
      This module introduces sampling of a continuous time signal to produce a discrete time signal, including a computation of the spectrum of the sampled signal and a discussion of its implications for reconstruction.
    • 10.2: Sampling Theorem
      This module builds on the intuition developed in the sampling module to discuss the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, including a full statement and a proof.
    • 10.3: Signal Reconstruction
      This module describes the reconstruction, also known as interpolation, of a continuous time signal from a discrete time signal, including a discussion of cardinal spline filters.
    • 10.4: Perfect Reconstruction
      This module examines the conditions and filters involved in perfect reconstruction.
    • 10.5: Aliasing Phenomena
      This module introduces aliasing phenomena and discusses its implications for reconstruction.
    • 10.6: Anti-Aliasing Filters
      This module discusses the use of anti-aliasing filters when sampling at a rate below the Nyquist frequency.
    • 10.7: Discrete Time Processing of Continuous Time Signals
      This module discusses the theory and practical considerations behind the use of discrete time tools to process of continuous time signals.