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22.1: Background

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  • C-ROADS is a major component of the World Climate Simulation (WCS) developed by Climate Interactive <>. WCS is a role-playing exercise for groups meant to acquaint students, community groups, and others with the purpose and mechanics of UN climate negotiations. In this process C-ROADS serves as a tool for analyzing the outcome of proposals put forth in mock negotiations.

    Despite being designed to be a central component of the WCS, C-ROADS can be used separately from the negotiations exercise, as you will be doing in the following activities. In brief, the model enables you to set carbon emission and sequestration rates for global society or regions of it to see what impact these rates and their timing have over mean average global temperature until the end of the 21st century. The model also computes and displays the impact of these rates on sea level, ocean acidification, and greenhouse gas concentrations. The carbon emissions you set in the simulator are largely carbon dioxide related to energy production, while adjusting sequestration includes decreasing the destruction of forest lands (deforestation) and the replace of forested through planting (afforestation).

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