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3: Human Demography

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    • 3.1: The Human Population
      The human population is growing rapidly. For most of human history, there were fewer than 1 billion people on the planet. We’ve added 6 billion people to the human population in just a little over 200 years.
    • 3.2: Demography
      Demography applies the principles of population ecology (chapter 2) to the human population.
    • 3.3: Age structure diagrams
      This diagram shows the distribution by ages of females and males within a certain population in graphic form.
    • 3.4: The Demographic Transition Model
      The demographic transition model shows the changes in the patterns of birth rates and death rates that typically occur as a country moves through the process of industrialization or development.
    • 3.5: Life Expectancy
      Life expectancy is the average number of years that a person in a particular population is expected to live.
    • 3.6: Fertility
      Fertility is the actual level of reproduction of a population per individual, based on the number of live births that occur.
    • 3.7: Appendix