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4.6: Energy

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  • Energy systems in a Permaculture design are small scale and decentralized, using renewable sources. The video below gives a very brief glance at types of renewable energy systems commonly employed, and the links below provide further avenues for exploration and study.

    Between coal, nuclear, natural gas, oil, oil shale and tar sands, the production of energy is one of the more destructive activities of human civilization. The first step is to reduce consumption of energy to reasonable levels that recognize the environmental impacts of non-renewable energy sources. After conservation, deriving renewable energy sources is the way to go. The video below is a brief overview of the most commonly used renewable energy sources that we find in Permaculture systems.


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    Additional Resources

    Please browse the links below that provide more information about the major renewable energy types highlighted in the video. Think about what renewable energy source is most feasible in your location, and pay special attention to that section of links.