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5: Logical Modeling

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    • 5.1: Boolean Models - Truth Tables and State Transition Diagrams
      A Boolean is a variable that can only attain two values: True or False. In most applications, it is convenient to represent a True by the number 1, and a False by the number 0. A Boolean model, or Boolean network, is a collection of Boolean variables that are related by logical switching rules, or Boolean functions, that follow an If-Then format. This type of Boolean model is known as an autonomous model and will be the primary type of model discussed in this article.
    • 5.2: Logical Control Programs - IF... THEN… WHILE…
      A logical control program is a set of conditional statements describing the response of a controller to different inputs. A controller is a computer used to automate industrial processes. Process engineers use control logic to tell the controller in a process how to react to all inputs from sensors with an appropriate response to maintain normal functioning of the process. This is based on simple logic principles governed by statements such as IF X, THEN Y, ELSE Z to describe relationships .

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