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7: Mathematics for Control Systems

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    • 7.1: Dirac delta (impulse) function
      The Dirac delta function δ(t − t0) is a mathematical idealization of an impulse or a very fast burst of substance at t = t0. (Here we are considering time but the delta function can involve any variable.) The delta function is properly defined through a limiting process
    • 7.2: First-order Differential Equations
    • 7.3: Second-order Differential Equations
    • 7.4: Taylor Series
      A Taylor Series is a representation of a function in the form of an infinite sum. Each term is calculated from using a derivative of the function as well as a factorial.
    • 7.5: Laplace Transforms
      Laplace Transform are frequently used in determining solutions of a wide class of partial diffferential equations. The Laplace transform is closely related to the complex Fourier transform, so the Fourier integral formula can be used to define the Laplace transform and its inverse. Integral transforms are one of many tools that are very useful for solving linear differential equations.

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