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1.3: Guide for how to use this book-course

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    This course is an integrated course that is meant to go from start to finish in order. However if you wish to not follow the order then the table of contents is given here. Chapters are marked with the course they would go with in a two semester course, however each course has some items that should be introduced in both courses.

    The first chapters are just introduction chapters and are fairly short. They include

    • Front matter (auto-generated)
      • A Title Page
      • Information Page
      • Table of Contents
    • Preface (this discusses the idea of a coordinated engineering curriculum which this is part of)
      • Title Page by hand
      • Creative Commons Comment
      • Table of Contents by hand in order to point out EGR1140 and EGR1010 topics if user wishes to split this
    • Description of topics
    • What we intend to learn

    The "chapters" above are not necessarily part of the course proper.

    The course(s): Edit section

    EGR 1140 is the first engineering course and should be taken the first semester of freshman year (assuming the student is calculus ready). If a student has taken a course equivalent to EGR 1140 then EGR 1010 would be the first engineering course.

    EGR 1140 is taken before EGR 1010 despite the number code.

    Some students can take these courses simultaneously but only if they have some experience in computers and engineering beforehand.

    EGR 1140 Computer Programming for Engineers and Scientists (1st semester) Edit section

    This course while a computer programming course (not a computer science course which delves into more computer theory) is also an introduction to engineering course in that it discusses engineering with regard to computers. For this reason we combine this into the introduction to engineering course. While this course does discuss a little computer science theory it primarily discusses programming in order to produce program for engineering or scientific projects.

    EGR 1010 Introduction to Engineering for Engineers and Scientists (2nd semester) Edit section

    This course is the true introduction to engineering course, however, it presumes the ability to program. Therefore the computer programming course would be a prerequisite unless a student has previously taken a similar course. Nevertheless there are some aspects of introduction to engineering in the computer programming course, hence the chapter labels below.

    Table of Contents:

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