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1.2: How We Are Going To Do This

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  • Two Pieces

    We will be using two separate tools to help us work through this semester. 

    I will explain these tools, and will go into more detail later.

    1. VirtualBox - VIrtualBox is a soaftware that will allow us to run a virtual machine on our computer - Windows, or Mac - (sorry, it doesn't work so well on Chrome). We will download and install this software on your own computer. You will also download an image for the Ubuntu distribution of Linux that we will run using VirtualBox. This will allow us to have access to a real Linux system in order to work through some of the assignments.
    2. InfoSec Learning - YOU WILL NEED AN ACCESS CODE FOR THIS PIECE - IT IS REQUIRED. This is also a virtual machine environment. These are some lab exercises that are easier to do in InfoSec's environment, and save hassles with your VirtualBox setup if something goes wrong.