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4.5: Types of Inheritance in C++

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  • Single Inheritance: In single inheritance, a class is allowed to inherit from only one class. i.e. one sub class is inherited by one base class only.

    A derived class B that inherits only from one base class A


    class subclass_name : access_mode base_class 
       //body of subclass 
    // C++ program to      explain 
    // Single inheritance 
    #include <iostream>       
    using namespace std;
    // base class 
    class Vehicle 
             cout << "This is a Vehicle" << endl; 
    // sub class derived from the base classes 
    // although this class does NOTHING
    class Car: public Vehicle
           cout << "This is a Car" << endl;
    // main function 
    int main() 
        // creating object of sub class will 
        // invoke the constructor of base classes 
        Car obj; 
        return 0; 

    Output - notice that the parent class is initialized first, then the child class - which inherits from the parent class.

    This is a Vehicle
    This is a Car

    Contributed by Harsh Agarwal
    Geeks for Geeks

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