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2.14: Variables, Expressions, and Statements (Exercises)

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    Exercise 2: Write a program that uses input to prompt a user for their name and then welcomes them.

    Enter your name: Chuck
    Hello Chuck
    #Use this space to write and run your code

    Exercise 3: Write a program to prompt the user for hours and rate per hour to compute gross pay.

    Enter Hours: 35
    Enter Rate: 2.75
    Pay: 96.25

    We won't worry about making sure our pay has exactly two digits after the decimal place for now. If you want, you can play with the built-in Python round function to properly round the resulting pay to two decimal places.

    #Use this space to write and run your code
    #Save this code for a later exercise!

    Exercise 4: Assume that we execute the following assignment statements:

    width = 17
    height = 12.0

    For each of the following expressions, write the value of the expression and the type (of the value of the expression).

    1. width//2
    2. width/2.0
    3. height/3
    4. 1 + 2 * 5
    #Use this space to check your answers

    Exercise 5: Write a program which prompts the user for a Celsius temperature, convert the temperature to Fahrenheit, and print out the converted temperature.

    #Use this space to write and run your code

    1. In Python 2.0, this function was named raw_input.
    2. See for an extended description of the word "mnemonic".

    This page titled 2.14: Variables, Expressions, and Statements (Exercises) is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Chuck Severance.

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