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Obtaining MATLAB and Octave

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    You need to install either MATLAB or Octave for this course. MATLAB has some advantages:

    • MATLAB has better error checking and better help. MATLAB's documentation is better, but you can most of MATLAB's documentation without purchasing a license.
    • MATLAB runs faster. This is not an issue for this class' assignments, but is an issue for large analysis code you might use professionally.
    • If you would like to have instruction in espanol, this is a link to a playlist of 24 videos on many Matlab/Octave topics:

    • Purchasing MATLAB

    The basic MATLAB student license is $49, which is a great deal. The MATLAB licenses are valid for as long as you are a student anywhere. The link to purchase the MATLAB license is:

    If you wish, you can choose the MATLAB & Simulink Student Suite is $99. This includes a number of toolboxes and Simulink, which you may find useful in future classes. This is also a great deal, but is not needed for this class.

    • Obtaining Octave

    Octave can be downloaded at this link:

    Octave Online runs online without downloading at this link. You need to create an account.

    Octave Online · Cloud IDE compatible with MATLAB ( 

    Octave Online also runs on Chrome.

    Octave Online - Chrome Web Store (



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