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How this Book Was Assembled

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    The books listed in the Authors and Sources section have some very good materials. For the 2021-2022 school year, I used those sources plus my own materials to teach my MATLAB programming course. In order to make it more convenient for both the students and the teacher, I have assembled these materials into a single textbook. I felt that many chapters could benefit from additional examples and exercises, which I added. Additional topics were also added to many chapters.

    The following outlines how each source was used in assembling this textbook.

    1: Modeling, Simulation, and MATLAB’s Interpreter Downey and Smith
    2. Scripts Downey and Smith
    3: for Loops and Basic 2D Plots Downey and Smith
    4: Vectors Downey and Smith
    5: User-Defined Functions Downey, Lambert, and Smith
    6: Conditionals, part 1 Downey, Dabdub, and Smith
    7: Conditionals with Series, Switch Logic, and While Loops Smith and Siemers
    8: User-Defined Functions of Vectors Downey and Smith
    9: MATLAB Random Number and Statistics Functions Smith
    10:. Zero Finding and Fourier Transforms Downey and Smith
    11: MATLAB Matrices Siemers and Smith
    12: Linear Algebra Smith and Siemers
    13: Formatted Input, Output Beyenir and Smith
    14 Matlab Structures and Data Types Lambert and Smith
    15: Advanced Plotting Lambert and Smith
    16: Interpolation and Curve Fitting Beyenir, Siemers, and Smith
    17: Top-down Design, Agile Software Development, and Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB Smith
    18: Integration, Differentiation Beyenir and Smith
    19: Ordinary Differential Equations Downey and Smith
    20. Symbolic Processing Smith


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