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1.1: Introduction

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    Introduction to Information Technology

    INT 1010, is a survey course in evolving information technology and its relevance to individuals and society. The emphasis in this course is on enhancing students’ skills in data analysis and programming and applying learned skills to their academic and professional life.

    This course examines:

    · Categories of computing devices and different types of computer applications.

    · Software and their uses.

    · Ethical principles related to privacy, security, intellectual property.

    · Strategies to manage risks related to systems security threats.

    · Students learn about the basic principles of connectivity and data communications.

    Introduction to Technology course material utilizes Open Education Recourses (OER). Purchase of a book is not required. Content will be presented in the form of both text (online) and activities.

    Each chapter contains:

    • Objectives:

    Description of what your accomplishments should be at the end of the chapters.

    • Content:

    This is content explained in each chapter about different topics.

    • Learning Activities:

    These are activities assigned to assess your knowledge. They include:

    · Individual and group activities

    · Quizzes

    · Exams

    The key to success in INT 1010 is planning your study schedule, utilizing the instructor’s office hours, using videos, and recognizing if you need to utilize the tutoring center.

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