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8.2.4: Other Wave Power Capturing Devices

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    There are too many wave power converter prototypes to present them all in this text. New designs are still emerging. For instance, there is a highly interesting Danish prototype of a very large machine with a numbers of floaters, shown in this YouTube clip.

    One can expect that the wave power technology has a bright future due to its unquestionable advantages. As noted earlier, the existing resources are such that they may satisfy a substantial part of humanity’s needs for electric power. The wave power is “environmentally friendly”. The performance of a“wave power farm” does depend on the weather, yes – as in the case of solar power and wind power farms – but it’s by far more predictable. In particular, no such “ramp effects” can take place as those occurring in the case of windpower (see the Windpower Chapter). No abrupt drops in power generated by photovoltaic installation due to clouds obscuring the sun. The swell of the ocean, the height of the waves can be pretty accurately forecasted for several days ahead.

    8.2.4: Other Wave Power Capturing Devices is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Tom Giebultowicz.

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