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10.4: Module 9 Team Activity

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  • team.jpgOverview

    Teams select one of the risks from their risk assessment and create an Incident Response Plan for their sector-based organization.



    Team Activity Objectives

    • Identify the phases of an Incident Response (IR), as described in NIST SP 800-61.
    • Define incident containment and describe how it is applied to an incident.
    • Discuss the IR reaction strategies unique to each category of incident.


    Based on your team’s investigation of your chosen sector and fictitious organization, determine which stakeholders to include. Develop a Incident Response Plan document that discusses the steps taken for one of the risks that was identified by your team’s CSET Risk Assessment in Module 7.


    Assignment Options

    Option 1: Write a 2-page abstract summarizing the Incident Response Plan your team has developed.

    Option 2:  Prepare 2–3 presentation slides about your Incident Response Plan.


    Grading Criteria Rubric

    • Content
    • Evidence of teamwork
    • References
    • Use of American Psychological Association (APA) style in writing the assignment

    Grade Points: 100