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Engineering LibreTexts Stability of Submerged Bodies

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  • The analysis of submerged bodied is different from the stability when the body lays between two fluid layers with different density. When the body is submerged in a single fluid layer, then none of the changes of buoyant centroid occurs. Thus, the mass centroid must be below than buoyant centroid in order to have stable condition. However, all fluids have density varied in some degree. In cases where the density changes significantly, it must be taken into account. For an example of such a case is an object floating in a solar pond where the upper layer is made of water with lower salinity than the bottom layer(change up to 20% of the density). When the floating object is immersed into two layers, the stability analysis must take into account the changes of the displaced liquids of the two liquid layers. The calculations for such cases are a bit more complicated but based on the similar principles. Generally, this density change helps to increase the stability of the floating bodies. This analysis is out of the scope of this book (for now).


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