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7.6: Qualitative Questions

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  • 1. A liquid flows in and out from a long pipe with uniform cross section as single phase. Assume that the liquid is slightly compressible. That is the liquid has a constant bulk modulus, \(B_T\). What is the direction of the heat from the pipe or in to the pipe. Explain why the direction based on physical reasoning. What kind of internal work the liquid performed. Would happen when the liquid velocity is very large? What it will be still correct.

    2. A different liquid flows in the same pipe. If the liquid is compressible what is the direction of the heat to keep the flow isothermal?

    3. A tank is full of incompressible liquid. A certain point the tank is punctured and the liquid flows out. To keep the tank at uniform temperature what is the direction of the heat (from the tank or to the tank)?


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