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13.7.1: Pressure Loss Components

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  • In a tube flowing upward in incline angle \(\theta\), the pressure loss is affected by friction loss, acceleration, and body force(gravitation). These losses are non-linear and depend on each other. For example, the gravitation pressure loss reduce the pressure and thus the density must change and hence, acceleration must occur. However, for small distances (\(dx\)) and some situations, this dependency can be neglected. In that case, from equation (25), the total pressure loss can be written as

    Pressure Loss

    \dfrac{dP}{dx} =
    \overbrace{\left.\dfrac{dP}{dx} \right|_{f}}^{friction} +
    \overbrace{\left.\dfrac{dP}{dx} \right|_{a}}^{acceleration} +
    \overbrace{\left.\dfrac{dP}{dx} \right|_{g}}^{gravity} \tag{27}

    Every part of the total pressure loss will be discussed in the following section.


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