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1.4: Problems

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  • 1. Read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and write a one‐paragraph description of the hazards associated with: dimethyl mercury (students with last names ending in (A to E), methanol (F to J), ethyl ether (K to O), benzene (P to T), phosgene (U to Z). Information is available on the Internet, at your campus library, and on the Web page of your local department of environmental health and safety.

    1. For details see the Mono Lake Committee at
    2. Shreve’s Chemical Process Instutries, 1998, 5\(^{th}\) Edition, edited by J. Saeleczky and R. Margolies, McGraw-Hill Professional, New York.
    3. Steding, D.J., Dunlap, C.E. and Flegal, A.R. 2000, New isotopic evidence for chronic lead contamination in the San Francisco Bay estuary system: Implications for the persisitence of past industrial lead emmisions in the biosphere, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 97 (19), 11181-11186.
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