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18.5: API

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  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineers also use another gravity term which is called API gravity. It is used for liquids (e.g., condensates) and is defined as:

    Contact your instructor if you are unable to see or interpret this graphic.(18.4)

    By definition (see Equation 18.3), the specific gravity of water is unity. Therefore, water has an API gravity of 10. The API gravity of 10 is associated with very heavy, almost asphaltic, oils. Light crude oils have an API greater than or equal to 45°. Condensate gravities range between 50° and 70° API. Liquid condensates are normally light in color.


    • Prof. Michael Adewumi (The Pennsylvania State University). Some or all of the content of this module was taken from Penn State's College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' OER Initiative.